Who we are

Accueil francophone

L'Accueil francophone, one of the Société de la francophonie manitobaine’s (SFM) initiatives, was founded in December 2003. The Accueil francophone accompanies francophone immigrants and refugees when they immigrate and settle in Manitoba.

L’Accueil francophone welcomes francophone immigrants to Manitoba, and often right from the airport. Employees then help immigrants and/or refugees through the process of settling in, providing advice with housing and employment and obtaining access to services such as health coverage, transportation and in accessing the right programs and services in the community. Often employees from Accueil francophone will accompany immigrants to appointments in the first weeks to act as interpreters.

L’Accueil francophone also does work in various communities to raise awareness for immigrant and refugee needs among fellow citizens, therefore increasing the number of people who understand how to help newcomers adapt to their new lifestyle.

For more information in English about Accueil francophone, you can write to accueil@sfm.mb.ca or call 204-975-4250.